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Ship Brokerage


Ship Brokerage

We’ve been dealing with the Shipbroking sector for over 40 years and this let us understanding that is important in our role to have a high livel of technical knowledge.

We provide the customer the necessary informations to operate in the best way possible while maintaining a personal and trustworthy relationship that, also in the IT age, remains our prime goal.

Rallo Shipping tries to respond to all these requirements by providing a global service to customers for all transport requests ranging from coastal size (from 2.000 to 15.0000 Mtons dwt), Handy Size (20/30.000 Mtons dwt) to Panamax size (+70.000 Mtons Dwt).

The company has a strong world wide appreciation with well-established routes for our customers.

We are specialized in cereals, steel, fertilizers and minerals market.

The company periodically assist its customers to study and monitor the evolution of the freight market in order to conclude contracts with the lowest possible risk, foreseeing all the possible problems that could arise.

Let us become your business partner and we will take the responsibility for your business results so that you can achieve the best possible outcomes.

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