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About us

Rallo Shipping

Thanks to the strong values rooted honesty, consistency, generosity and humility, the company works to garantee transparent shipping services, at high standards, in which the problem is forseen in advance and avoided to make the clients serene, satisfied and certain that they made the right decision.

Our team works constantly for the customer, in a dynamic and fast way, guaranteeing 24/7 a week assistance for all the necessary operations, from market analysis, to evaluations on possible routes, ship search, drafting of Charter Parties, demurrage and despatch calculations and legal assistance, while maintaining, at the same time, a private and confidential profile.

Who we are

Our Team

Our team stand out for the enthusiasm, the dynamism and the ability to offer flexible services.
Francesco Rallo

CEO, Chartering Desk

Francesco Rallo
dry@ralloshipping.com tanker@ralloshipping.com
Pietro Alagna

Postfixture/Operation Desk

Pietro Alagna
Luana Rallo

Accounting Desk, Agency/Forwarding Operation Desk

Luana Rallo
accounting@ralloshipping.com agency@ralloshipping.com
Gaspare Castelli

Chartering Assistant, Agency Operation Desk

Gaspare Castelli
dry@ralloshipping.com agency@ralloshipping.com

Our story

Rallo Shipping is is an indipendent shiprbroker, shipagency and forwarding company.Operating in the shipping industry for over 40 years has established year by year in the sector thanks to the audacity and the professional consistency of its founder, Giuseppe Rallo.

We know that it’s very important to build trust to growup a successful business, that’s why transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our business.

In 1979 the company began to be present on the shipping market, especially in the tankership, taking advantage of the economic possibilities linked to the territory with the bulk wine exports.
For many years Rallo Shipping has been a leader in the liquid market, moving millions of tons, especially in the foodstuff sector (wine, vegetable oils, etc.).

Towards the end of the 90s, the company started to explore other opportunities. Thanks to the introduction of Francesco Rallo and, after some years, Luana Rallo(both Giuseppe Rallo’s sons) the Rallo Shipping opens its doors to the dry cargo market.

Since 2001 the company has opened its doors to the dry cargo market and over the past 20 years has become an important point of reference for many international companies throughout the world.
In 2019 the company celebrated 40 years of activity in the shipping sector, launching a new activity in the market of luxury yachts and high-level international tourism. To date, Rallo Shipping today specializes in the transport of cereals, steel products, fertilizers, minerals and project cargoes, moving about 1 million tons per year.


The company is leader in the food sector, moving tons of millions of liquids like wine and vetetable.


Thanks to Francesco Rallo the company starts exploring new possibilities in the market establishing the company in the dry cargo too.


The company starts working in the dry cargo sector and move the firsts steps in the luxury yachts market and in the international turism.


The company is specialized in the shipping of cereals, steel products, fertilizers, minerals and projects cargoes, moving about 1 mln tons per year.